The "Snapshot" Policy

Here at we are interested in creating and sharing high quality images for use as desktop wallpaper. In order to make your desktop finding experience as efficient as possible we have instituted a number of policies intended to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the galleries.

We feel that the following types of images (known as "snapshots") are of little interest to most users of the website and do little to enlighten the artistic minded visitor. Therefore we have decided to discourage users from uploading such images. Here are some of the most common snapshot categories:

Children, Friends, Pets
If you are a (grand)parent I'm sure that you have plenty of photos of your little darling(s) engaged in extremely cute and/or interesting activities, don't you? You might think that since you love looking at their photos all day long (on your desktop) that surely others would like to as well. Well guess what, you're probably wrong. Pet photos have only a slightly higher "stomach factor" than photos of people, primarily because most pets of the same breed look very similar, and they can almost be passed off as nature images. The bottom line is that you shouldn't use as a way to share photos with your family.
Other hints
Out of focus Polaroid photos taken from a moving frame of reference, scanned into the computer at 60x80px, then scaled up to 1600x1200 in Photoshop with a meticulously positioned lens flare and a HUGE watermark to keep people from "stealing" it, don't forget to save it with the highest JPEG compression so that you get every little compression artifact in crisp detail. I'm sorry where was I?

Obviously it is possible for a talented photographer to take any of these topics and create something wonderful. We certainly do not want to inhibit these works. If the photographer has put thought into the photo and has actually tried to make something that could be construed as artistic then we will take that into consideration.