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03/31/04 2:37 PM GMT
There is an abstract gallery but there should be a gallery for surrealism because who does not just LOVE stuff like what Dali and Magritte does?!?!!!
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03/31/04 2:42 PM GMT
Okay I seemed a little weird with that post but seriously. Anyone who knows good surrealism has to admit it can kick the crap out of Abstract!
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04/01/04 1:42 PM GMT
Could you give some examples of images (actually on which could go in a new 'Abstract->Surrealism' gallery? Thanks
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04/03/04 12:04 AM GMT
I can't find it right now but there is a picture on here with a light house and there are fish swimming around it in the air...
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04/03/04 5:43 AM GMT
Haha, I know what you are talking about AIM me at mckinleysh and I will give it to you, don't know exatcly where it is in the site. I guess it would be okay with the author, hell I don't even know who it is.
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04/03/04 1:01 PM GMT
Don't forget: caedes asked to have min. 30 pics to create a new gallery... ;-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
04/03/04 3:06 PM GMT
Here is an idea to get a mental picture... From

Surrealism: artistic and literary movement that explored and celebrated the realm of dreams and the unconscious mind through the creation of visual art, poetry, and motion pictures.
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04/03/04 6:23 PM GMT
It was called something like "Fishy Morning at the Lighthouse", weird picture, but I thought it was really cool.
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04/03/04 6:37 PM GMT
Oh, yes. I found it :-)
Davidjh113: Do you want to look at the 'abstract' gallery and make a list of the pics who can eventually be moved trough this new gallery?
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
04/04/04 11:24 PM GMT
alright... will do... Where is that fish pic???
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04/04/04 11:27 PM GMT
I will make the list here and edit it with new pics...

Title: Artist
1 Deep Freeze - caedes
2 Tornado - Fury - caedes
3 River of Torment - Crusader
4 blue storm - TRACYJTZ
5 mothership - TRACYJTZ
6 life, begin again - TRACYJTZ
7 echos - TRACYJTZ
8 ancient - TRACYJTZ
9 Unreal - Samatar
10 Clash - Samatar
11 Darker Spark - Twisted_Warrior_X
12 Chrome Shrooms - Flowmaster
13 Sanctuary - Cain
14 Colour Fantasy - PuMa
15 Colour Fantasy 2 - PuMa
16 The Watch - Nicky
17 starry abyss - lilsqueeks
18 Psycho Physh - mum42
19 Waterbuds - peapod
20 Fractalis - Saily
21 Mixture orb - toyman
22 Je Ne Sais Quoi - Lightning
23 Electric Explosion - Lightning
24 Fingerpainting goes digital - 411op
25 Portrait Abstract - jojomercury
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04/05/04 12:41 AM GMT
Those up there are from the abstract and they are surrealism to an extent but the Computer section has a lot of surrealism too...

Title: Artist:
Perpetual Drip - IshmaelX
Water Bottle - reddawg151
down the river - TRACYJTZ
Kiss from a star - emara666
blue monday - xdreamzz
Autumn Tree in a Winter River - Zephreal
escher color - styles10
reflections - speedy_10
Ghost Dragon - thunderchicken

For my info... (10)
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04/05/04 9:02 AM GMT
1) Seems to be OK for a new 'Surrealism' gallery for pics like 'Deep Freeze', 'Kiss from a star', 'Ghost Dragon', etc... But where is Surrealism in pictures like 'River of Torment' or 'blue storm' ?
2) What do you prefer? A 'Surrealism' gallery or an 'Abstract->Surrealism' subgallery?
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
04/11/04 4:15 AM GMT
Abstract->Surrealism would be fine...
Those two are just some of my thoughts on what some surrealism would be... they are somewhat surrealistic but definately blue storm cause it is directly from a dream.
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04/12/04 5:29 PM GMT
We've now an 'abstract->Surrealism' gallery. Thanks to davidjh113, I moved pictures that belonged incontestably to this category. But I'm not a specialist of surrealism (as you know...). Help! ;-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
04/12/04 8:21 PM GMT
Thank you PPigeon... You are great
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04/13/04 4:52 PM GMT
I'm not a specialist either... so I think it would be best (and more easy for the imagemods! lol) if those who think their images in the abstract gallery would be better in the 'surrrealism' gallery, just post a comment with the name of their image here... and we will made the changes...
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04/15/04 9:10 AM GMT
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