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Music and Nature in Photography

12/28/06 1:19 AM GMT
Three Arts combined into one. Some time of collaboration of Nature and music.
(i.e.) A guitar in the snow (not recommended)
Something along the lines.
PM if interested, could start an off the side contest.
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12/28/06 8:41 PM GMT
Ive had a few respond, if youre interested, let me know on here or through PM. Think this would be a really cool collection when it's done.
Thanks for those who've responded and those to come
Warm Regards,
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Check out ze gallery or have a look at the new contest idea.
01/15/07 9:49 PM GMT
Hey Tyler,

Two things ... PM one of the mods and see if you can get this moved over to the Discussion Boards >> Artistic Discussion >> Contests.

And there is actually a discussion currently going on regarding suggestions for a new contest.

So either/or ... move this thread or join the other discussion as a suggestion to get more exposure for your idea here. Just an f.y.i..
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