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need help : installed apophysis 2.07c and it does not work properly

02/18/08 3:31 PM GMT
Hello there,

I wanted to try Apophysis 2.06c again today ( I have used it before but I left it for awhile ), and when I wanted to open the exe file I got a message :"this version has expired. Please go to and download the latest version" so I did.

Now I have the distinct impression that apophysis 2.07 beta is not exactly what I would call a major improvement, because onscreen it does not look right after I have opened the triangle editor.

Basically, when I look at the variations window in the triangle editor, not all the variations are listed. I can scroll to the top of this window as much as I like, but I can't get to the top half of the listed variations. All the variations are ticked in the Options > Variations dialogue screen, but that doesn't make a difference. When I want to drag the little scroll block on the scroll bar to the top, it just vanishes. I have tried to drag the windows to different sizes, and this did not work either.

Another thing I have noticed is that the different variations/colors/transform/triangle tabs seem to have disappeared from the triangle editor. Which basically leaves me with less control options to make a nice render than in the 2.06c version.

So basically it does not really work or is something else the matter which I am overlooking ??? I am not impressed with this. 2.06c was great and I can't go back to that one, so I have to make do with this ?? I don't understand why anyone would like this version so much (like on deviantart), because it does not work for some reason and where have all those tab functions gone ?

Maybe you could help me out here.

Many thanx in advance.
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02/18/08 8:23 PM GMT
Hi exsanguinate... whenever the crew over at dA come out with a new version of Apo they always time out the old one. Personally, I hated 2.06 & really liked 2.05 but that's just me. The only really stable version of Apophysis was the very first one, 2.02, all the others since then have been beta versions.

As to your problems, I'm having a little trouble understanding exactly where you're talking about. Your " Options > Variations dialogue screen, " , are you talking about the variations on the left ? That long column list of variations ? If so, you can't change the size of that, number 1.

But all the variations show on my 2.07 in the variations tab, in the mutation editor & on the transform editor too.

And yeah, some of the triangles aren't there for some of the scripts, or if they ARE there, they're playing hide & seek. Really well ! ;-D

It just depends on the script, & you just have to learn to work around them. By playing with the numbers & the weights etc.

As for the gradients, I haven't noticed any missing, if that's what you mean, though I rarely use the default gradients & haven't for almost 2 years now. I use the smooth palette feature & pull my colors from other sources.

If I'm missing something & that's always a very distinct possibility, ;), please let me know & I'll try & help you further or as much as I can anyway.

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02/18/08 10:10 PM GMT
what I am saying is :

if I click a triangle not all the variations are listed and Icannot scroll to the top of the list. And I DON'T have tabs for the individual triangles either. That's the point. Now this would be easier if I could post an attached image to this post, so you could see what I am talking about
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02/18/08 11:21 PM GMT
take a screen shot and upload it somewhere you can post a link to 8)
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02/19/08 12:49 AM GMT
I've called in the cavalry...Les should be by sometime soon!!
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02/19/08 2:46 AM GMT
Hi exsanguinate...It sounds as though something went wrong with the install. I would suggest deleting the 2.07 exe file and try downloading it again from here

If you check that page, you will also see that 2.06c "3D hack" version is available too.

Or for an alternative, you can get a complete package of Apo 2.02, 2.06c "3D hack", and 2.07, at Digital-Talk Forums . You will need to start with their "delete Apo registry key" tool, then grab the "Quick Installer" , which installs the 3 versions of Apo. And finally the "GPPS installer", that provides you with new gradients, scripts gathered from sources on the web, in addition to some fine parameters. DTF offers a new GPPS installer every 30 days, with more scripts, gradients, etc.. The site does require that you register to have access to the downloads.

Hope that helps :)
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02/22/08 6:49 PM GMT
Hey exsang ... hey XS.

Whatever you are currently experiencing is not how things should be, whatsoever.

Here's a thought ... have you tried running the Delete Registry Keys with ... your anti-virus and anti-spyware apps not running/disabled?

And then install using the AQI from DT Forums?

Hazarding a guess here that something in your security software arsenal might be responsible for the corrupted installations that you are experiencing.

You could try those forums as well, that is ... those of your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Just some thoughts.
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