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Image of the Week 05/20 to 05/26

05/27/19 4:58 PM GMT
Nightmare on Elm Street by casechaser has been selected as the Image of the Week!

Excellent fractal with a partial view of the 'face'. The colors used allow the viewer to see the depth and shadows of this abstract as well as adding the proper amount of mystery/fright to the entire image. The eye appears to be looking directly at the viewer in a very evil way.
A frightening, beautiful, well done fractal.

All of you are still making the mods work really, really hard to choose 'just one' image of the week.
Well done to all!


Nominations are now open for all images uploaded between 12 am (0000 hours) EST on 05/20 (Conspicuous) to 11:59 pm (23:59 hours) EST on 05/26 (See Through Wing). Nominations will remain open until 8 pm (2000 hours) EST on 05/28.

To nominate an image, either post your nomination here or PM myself, Mimi, or Piner.

On Weds 05/30, this thread will be updated with the image selected as the standout of the week!
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05/29/19 2:08 PM GMT
The image of the week has been posted!
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05/29/19 6:42 PM GMT
Thank you for selecting my picture and many thanks to whomever nominated it for consideration. I am most honored to have been chosen. I am also pleased that the "eye" is mentioned as it was maybe the smallest addition to the piece, yet the hardest to get to the point I wanted; an eye which would follow the viewer from any angle of the viewers' position. Adding mystery to the evil as you are being watched by the eye in the picture.
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