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10/13/09 9:23 PM GMT
I like the idea of desolation. Here is the definition of that::

* an event that results in total destruction
* a bleak and desolate atmosphere
* the state of being decayed or destroyed
* sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned

Might be something challenging to us all.
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Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.
10/13/09 11:43 PM GMT
Thanksgiving is just over a month away. I'd rather be concentrating on things that make me grateful, not bleak, but that's just me.
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“Life is precious; therefore, do not waste it by doing things mechanically without love. We should try to put love into everything we do.” - Amma
10/13/09 11:45 PM GMT
Think I am going with people since vertical has been taken off. Maybe a vertical shot of a "people."


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
10/14/09 5:30 AM GMT
i'm going for desolation. seeing pictures of bleakness will really make you appreciate what you have more. but thats just my opinion.
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when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!
10/14/09 5:43 AM GMT
Desolation certainly gives opportunities for photographers to shine, but I am not sure it is a good desktop subject, although I have suitable pictures. I would prefer cityscape or graffiti.
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10/14/09 7:04 AM GMT
it doesn't have to be desktop focused - just creative really :-)
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
10/14/09 12:07 AM GMT
shadow play sounds cool!
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"Too weird to live...too rare to die." ~Hunter S. Thompson
10/14/09 4:42 PM GMT
i like the ider of desolation...
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stupid humans.... My Gallery
10/14/09 9:05 PM GMT
I like the idea of desolation but I don't think I'll be able to get an entry together...

I'm in Victoria, Australia, so I have good subjects, but I don't think I'll get there in time...

So I voted on city scapes, hehe I can do that at lunch time.
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Nick :)
10/15/09 12:21 AM GMT
I like the idea of desolation no it may not be pretty but photography covers all subjects in real life, & means much more than Butterflies, & flowers alone.
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10/15/09 12:40 AM GMT
I think you all are right.Desolation isn't the best subject. A lot of people seem to want that according to the number of votes tho. I think it could be dramatic. And make for some great photos, but shadows are very interesting too and dramatic too. And this contest begins in a day? wow, I guess we'll all just have to go with the flow eh? Verena
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Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.
10/15/09 3:17 AM GMT
It definitely looks like Desolation should be the Topic... I remember way back when (like 40 years ago)... I read that a Topic like this (or poverty, sorrow, pain) should be shot in B&W... that colour would make the image too attractive whereas B&W would emphasize this kind of Topic. I haven't yet Googled desolation, so I am unaware of today's train of thought! And anyway, if nobody gets 'hurt' in any way... rules are made to be broken! :o)

Shhh... a barn is on a farm!
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10/15/09 12:57 AM GMT
sounds very challenging "desolation", why not look at the other side of life too.....
shadowplay would be my choice....
let's do it, go and see
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
10/16/09 6:41 PM GMT
Wow, 31 people voted for desolation...sadness & pain ? I can't believe it. That should make for some great pictures or manips.
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I've got amnesia & deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before ! ... That was Zen, but this is Tao !!! ...CLICK TO SAVE LIVES !
10/16/09 7:40 PM GMT
there's not enough time to vote for the contest category! I've been waiting for a couple of days to vote (never have before), and I knew it started today, but it also ended in the early afternoon, which it didn't say before when it would end, only when it would start! I was at work all day so I didn't get to vote!
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"Too weird to live...too rare to die." ~Hunter S. Thompson
10/17/09 1:45 AM GMT
I like the showdow idea. Shadows are really cool... and that's why everyone should change thier vote!!! :D :D :D
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10/17/09 5:54 PM GMT
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Please, even if you don't visit my gallery, check out my "Faves".I've left them intact since day "1", and would like it if every image there got the attention they deserved.

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