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12/29/17 8:40 PM GMT
There are different types of contrasts: 1) contrast in tones (monochromatic images), 2) contrast in colors (opposites on the color wheel), 3) contrasts in intensity (bright versus subdued), 4) contrasts in size (large versus small), or 5) contrast in meaning (e.g old versus new, natural versus artificial). Submit an image that illustrates one or more of these contrast types.
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Jeff Hamilton
12/30/17 2:42 AM GMT
Reflections are meant in all senses of the word, not merely optical.
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01/07/18 6:26 AM GMT
I'm a little disappointed that contrast wasnt picked, thats a very wide range of challages to photography and all genres. textures is good also but one we seen too many times before i believe, a much easier one to understand and complete...yet simple! Im far from simple. so textures it will be then! still can be very interesting I suppose.
Pistos, very nice description indeed. no pun intended, it sure shed some light on a new perspective i now have on the topic.
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Do not correct a Fool, or he will hate you. Correct a Wise man and he will appreciate you.

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