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Ended 11/28/13 2:15 PM GMT
Winner: Dunstickin (See the full results)

1st place
Dejected! by Dunstickin

SEFA: I Think this is perfect entry for the current Contest Bob and also for the B&W challenge. Very well captured.

mesmerized: Congrats, Bob...most deserving all too familiar sight these days and excellent entry.

Dunstickin received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Fire at the Airport by Ramad

mirto56: Super job with your second place win! Bravo!!

LynEve: Well done on your contest placement Raj - well deserved

GIGIBL: Great closeup well done Ray good luck in the contest

braces: Talk about 'right time, right place' image. Quick work on your part Raj and a perfect image for the competition.

Ramad received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
mountains of cranberries by solita17

corngrowth: A very interesting narrative accompanied with a very nice photograph.
I love the lighting in this one, Mary. Very well done!

Regards, Cornelius.

billyoneshot: Great lighting and shadows. I like this type of shot where no one knows they are being photographed. It is so natural.

4th place
Adding to the Misery by Nikoneer

icedancer: The force of nature is amazing and my brother lives at the Mississippi River and it flooded this past Spring while I was visiting MO.

bfrank: There is no place to hide from the force of nature. You captured an awesome scene and congrats on your placement in the contest.

5th place
Let's Go For A Walk by mirto56

LynEve: A gorgeous capture - well done on the contest placement Doug :)

picardroe: Nice capture of this big dog, Well done.

bfrank: I'm glad you placed in the contest Doug. This is a sweet capture.

Nikoneer: A delightful scene that I have in fact seen several times, here in my home town, but was never lucky enough to capture. You did a great job with it, getting the shot when they were both looking at each other. I also like the offset nature of the subject, good color and the DOF is tack-sharp. I see you've entered it into the contest. A placer for sure. -Nik