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Ended 01/03/14 2:15 AM GMT
Winner: Dunstickin (See the full results)

1st place
A Vision to the Inner Soul! by Dunstickin

corngrowth: --A Vision to the Inner Soul--

Bob, If this is a vision to your inner soul, think there's no need for worries!

Very inventive capture, Pal. Could expect such an image from you!

Regards, Cornelius.

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2nd place
Up On The Rooftop by 0930_23

gandarva: Nice imagination Ron! Would like to ride in it! Colors, sharpness are very good! Thank you! Allen

braces: A wonderful entry Tick. This has the look of the early woks of the English artist L S Lowry.

rvdb: Congrats Tick all good very nice indeed.


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3rd place
GROUND ZERO- 911 by nuke88

Eubeen: Amazing work Eugene. Great colours and details in the image. A great tribute to the events of that day.

0930_23: Beautiful tribute to such a somber event Eugene.

† Merry Christmas †

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4th place
Trash Art 0319 by rvdb

corngrowth: Rob, from the Beatles is sometimes said that they had hidden a secret message in their 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' song from their 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album. To rule out that this would be the case with your new contribution, I have taken the time to study your artwork very carefully. All I could discover is that a new star has appeared to your personal firmament. Although she does some effort to hide herself, she is betrayed by her own sparkling, lol.
Magnificent posting again!

5th place
Wind Blown, Red, and Single Earring by casechaser

FlimBB: Grats. I really, really like this piece. Great work.

Bleizmor: Nice work. Well done!

LynEve: Top notch - elegant and I have to keep looking again as its fluidity suggests movement.

Vickid: This image is impressive, strong, beautiful, vivid, smooth, colorful and unique. The capture is superb, the idea is mind-boggling - inspirational actually, original and a complete success. Highly impressed with this, excellent.