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Ended 10/13/14 8:15 PM GMT
Winner: bfrank (See the full results)

1st place
Love Never Fails by bfrank

Nikoneer: This one arose when I suggested a contest theme of finding numbers and letters in nature, thinking we hadn't used it before. Ron (Tick) from Missouri sent me a link to a contest in 2014, in which you took first place with this submission. I was here at Caedes at the time but must have been preoccupied with other things because I can see from the previous 28 comments that I wasn't one of them. My son and his wife have a print on their wall that is very like this, spelling out their last name in 5x7's, the final one being a family portrait. Looking back now, with Ron's help, I realize what a great and well-thought-out image it is, so I just had to drop it into my favorites file. Kudos, Frank!


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2nd place
W is for Why by mirto56

Starglow: WOW! That is certainly a winner, what a wonderful monument.

bfrank: Congratulations Doug on 2nd place. Well done.

icedancer: Magnificent and meaningful posting for the contest, excellent angle showing us a lot of Washington DC. Your explanation to the image is outstanding

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3rd place
AXL by Ramad

danika: Very creative, Raj. I like your color choices & the shadow(s) of the Swiss Army Knife caught my eye. Excellent contest entry & very original. Best wishes.

picardroe: Very well done Raj.

bfrank: Congrats on third place Raj. Good going.

4th place
Letter from Paris by Heroictitof

Constance52347: Stunning image and unusual entry! Good luck!

0930_23: Great shot. Love the exposures.
Perfect for the contests.


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Paul_Gerritsen: I love Paris AND I really love this photograph!
Wonderful how you catched the atmosphere so well.

5th place
Succomb by 0930_23

Joanie: Oh ick! great 'S' you've got Ticker and a perfect one for the contest! Good luck ;-)

mirto56: "S" is for a sad ending for this worm's life. Another good entry for the contest, TicK. Now I'm not only looking around for letters on the horizon, but I am checking where I tread as well.