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Ended 10/13/14 8:15 PM GMT
Winner: bfrank (See the full results)

1st place
Love Never Fails by bfrank

Nikoneer: This one arose when I suggested a contest theme of finding numbers and letters in nature, thinking we hadn't used it before. Ron (Tick) from Missouri sent me a link to a contest in 2014, in which you took first place with this submission. I was here at Caedes at the time but must have been preoccupied with other things because I can see from the previous 28 comments that I wasn't one of them. My son and his wife have a print on their wall that is very like this, spelling out their last name in 5x7's, the final one being a family portrait. Looking back now, with Ron's help, I realize what a great and well-thought-out image it is, so I just had to drop it into my favorites file. Kudos, Frank!


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2nd place
W is for Why by mirto56

danika: I believe we ask the 'why' everyday. The 9/11 tragedy affected so many people ... not only in the USA, but all across the globe. Excellent contest entry, Doug ... one that conveys emotion too. Best wishes in the contest.

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3rd place
AXL by Ramad

biffobear: Good idea..Would do well..R.

danika: Very creative, Raj. I like your color choices & the shadow(s) of the Swiss Army Knife caught my eye. Excellent contest entry & very original. Best wishes.

PatAndre: Thats very crafty. I dont think it gets any better.

4th place
Letter from Paris by Heroictitof

icedancer: Oh wow, what a spectacular shot and brings back wonderful memories for me the many times we've been there, I just love Paris

Flmngseabass: Spectacular!!!!!!!!!! Superb image with a beautiful lighting and the ultra "soft" water adds a dimension of surrealism!!! Bravo on this gorgeous image:)

5th place
Succomb by 0930_23

danika: A perfect 'S' shape, Tick. Love the title & the textures are excellent. You are really coming up with some good ones for the current contest ... it will be difficult to choose. Best wishes.

trixxie17: A great one for the contest and I like the irony of the narrative!