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Ended 02/13/15 5:15 AM GMT
Winner: japio (See the full results)

1st place
behind the scene by japio

gonedigital: This is a very attractive night photograph taken from a sensible high vantage point, clarity and lack of noise are outstanding, whilst glare is minimal.

I'd be very surprised if this doesn't win the contest!

japio received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Taking the 'A' Train by theradman

mirto56: A talented entry for the Vanishing Point contest, Russell. I particularly like the light bouncing off of the I-beam stanchions and disappearing down through the station. Good luck!

0930_23: Congrats on your second place win in the contest.


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theradman received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Wine Cellar by mirto56

tigger3: Congrats on the 3rd place, it was most worthy.

gizmo1: Wow I love this I like the angles in this shot and how you caoture the curve in the wall and light running around and great compstion plus detail too.looking back youndidva great job getting so much detail with all them lights ,well done Doug.

4th place
Sluiskiltunnel by twinkel

susanlynn: Super image and great entry for the Vanishing contest.

tigger3: Yes this is a good contest contender, I hope to see it in the contest. tigs =^..^=

0930_23: Excellent entry for the contest Twinks.
Great shot and information. Did you help in the Great Escape?
Just kidding.


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5th place
Corridor by Eubeen

bfrank: Hey Wendell!!! Congrats on the fifth place finish.

Ramad: Great perspective and a perfect entry for the contest.

0930_23: At least you got a perfect shot for the contest, Wendell.
I am guessing you were the "hall monitor."


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