Contest Results: My Town - Take It Or Leave It

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Ended 04/06/15 4:15 AM GMT
Winner: stylo (See the full results)

1st place
Sleepless in Brooklyn by stylo

Lightpainter: Excellent work. (This could only happen once in a blue moon :)). I love the colors, and the air of mystery.

icedancer: Gorgeous old building with beautiful brick and stone work, also like the cool store off to the left, looks like great things to check out. That's one old water tank and your post work makes a fabulous posting

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2nd place
Death of a Square by 0930_23

Eubeen: But it's progress, TicK. Or at least that's the story they've been ramming down our throats these past number of years.
A great collage of this sad situation. Best of luck in the contest.

tigger3: This is an excellent way of showing your town even though it is not a pretty sight. Super contest entry Tick. ☮ tigz=^..^=

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3rd place
wednesday evenings at the port by solita17

mirto56: A creative perspective on your town, Mary. The Cape must be beautiful to see in the summertime. Good luck in the contest!

tigger3: Now this is a one of kind, good thinking, and very good for the contest. tigs=^..^=

4th place
Paramount Cinema by Jimbobedsel

Starglow: Looks to be a fine structure yet and in use. You are lucky to have one. Nice angle on the building.

gonedigital: A good choice for the competition Jimbob, very clear reflections on the glass. I love films and have a very large collection in my pirate folders.

5th place
Easton collage by gonedigital

FlimBB: What a great idea. I think the variety captures the many aspects of a "hometown's" goings on very well. Best of luck in the contest.

Constance52347: I like the variety! Great entry.

mirto56: A great way to highlight life in Easton, Phil. My favorites are the images in the park. Good luck in the contest.