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Ended 09/26/15 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: heidlerr (See the full results)

1st place
Lucas Oil Stunt Plane 2 by heidlerr

icedancer: Spectacular action shot showing us the agility of those planes, excellent detail and composition. Perfect timing giving us the feeling of about to take a roll. You can even see the pilot in full size. Kudos and love it....right into my favs

heidlerr received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Pioneer On The Run by corngrowth

jerseygurl: Great action shot Cornelius and also fits the criteria for our current contest - Super Capture!!!!!!!!

gizmo1: Wow this is one outstanding photography and love the action in this photo with the waves wrapped round the vessel,plus lovely detail and in black and white makes for a excellent capture Mr C.Your compstion is one hundred percent too,well done my friend.

corngrowth received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
"A BIG SPLASH" by icedancer

Flmngseabass: Well here's action and reaction all in one:)!!! Super entry Pat!!

CDHale: Great shot Pat because it brings a big smile to my face. A perfectly timed action shot.

tigger3: I think it will do well, and your welcome.:)

Ramad: Congrats on your 3rd place Pat.

4th place
Quick Response by Ramad

GIGIBL: Excellent shot Raj good luck in the contest.

Dunstickin: It looks a good entry to me Raj!...

Plenty of action going on there!

susanlynn: A good action shot, Raj - action by the firefighters, action by the water, and action of the fire. Good luck in the contest. (Bless all the firefighters that put their lives on the line for us.)

5th place
britain holldays 21 by gaeljet2

jerseygurl: Congrats on 5th place in the contest!!!!!!!

Jimbobedsel: I agree...this would be a good one for the action contest. Your son is a real cutie.

bfrank: Congrats on placing in the contest! Good one!

susanlynn: I can hear the squawks and screams of the gulls as Lucas chases them into the air - this would be great for the action contest.
A great shot and a lovely family memory.