Contest Results: Manipulation

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Ended 04/19/16 7:15 AM GMT
Winner: mesmerized (See the full results)

1st place
Bunny Winterized by mesmerized

icedancer: Love Love Love this Pat - brilliant & love those eyes. Right into my favs

rvdb: Congratulations on your win.


mirto56: Funny, I turned this photo upside down and Bunny was smiling. Great manip, Pat!

corngrowth: SAW, congratulations for winning the 'Manipulation' contest.

mesmerized received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Water Walker by Nikoneer

icedancer: Congratulations on 2nd place my dear friend

gonedigital: Apart from supernatural powers your grandson has mighty shiny shoes, good luck in the contest Nik. 🐳

corngrowth: Hello 'Nik', congratulations for your 2nd place in the 'Manipulation' contest.

Nikoneer received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Eggs'cellent! by Dunstickin

mirto56: What a cute and creative photo, OB! Leave it up to you to come up with these wonderful ideas! Best of luck in the contest!

PatAndre: THAT needs to go into the current contest which is one I ain't gonna enter because I know what a Master Manipulator you are. Bob, THIS is reeeeeeeeeally goooooood!

4th place
Space by rvdb

Starglow: Oh! My, I do like, terrific creation.

Nikoneer: As a backyard astronomer, Rob, with some experience in looking closer at the night sky (as you may intuit from my avatar), I have to say this is a very nice image, and the soft nature of the manip is closer to what is seen through a telescope than what sci-fi movies have most people believing. The addition of the "Pelican"(?) constellation is a ballsy but artsy move. It looks like a pelican but there are actual "bird" constellations:
"Bird of Paradise" (Apus [latin])
"Eagle" (Aquila)
"Dove" (Columba)
"Crow" (Corvus)
"Swan" (Cygnus)
"Crane" (Grus)
"Peacock" (Pavo)
"Phoenix" (Phoenix)
and "Toucan" (Tucana).
Nice job, and good luck in the contest.


5th place
Table flowers by gr8fulted

icedancer: A big congratulations on you placement in the contest - way to go

LynEve: So full of light and brilliance - a fine contender indeed for the contest

luckyshot: These blooms pop on the screen! Fine photo and post-photo work.