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Ended 06/09/16 1:15 PM GMT
Winner: ekowalska (See the full results)

1st place
Meet me at a country road by ekowalska

jerseygurl: Beautiful sunrise Ewa - love the rays of light - great entry for the contest - Excellent!!!!!!!

stylo: lovely pic! beautiful golden rays of light. up early every morning. probably too early for most.

PatAndre: Congrats on your ist place win in the contest. A fine entry indeed.

ekowalska received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Cowboy Heaven by PatAndre

mesmerized: Very cool and unique idea for the the glow...reminds me of a couple songs, Riders in the Sky for of luck in the comp.

corngrowth: A great one, Momma, and a perfect entry for the contest.
Good Luck with it, Pat!

PatAndre received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Natural And Artificial Guidance by corngrowth

rotcivski: Just one of the best I've seen so far. Very well created.


Flmngseabass: Hey Cornelius. You saw, you snapped, you created, you posted and you waited and hoped and then celebrated your 3rd place victory!! Beautiful shot buddy!!

4th place
Belly of the Beast by Eubeen

trixxie17: Excellent motion and colors in this Wendell.

PatAndre: That's a KEEP-PAH. Love all the beautiful colors and the design. Makes for a beautiful desktop.

icedancer: Wowser, brilliant design and those colours are fabulous - right into my favs - Bravo - love it

5th place
Sparky by stylo

Nikoneer: Manipulation is only cheating if it's passed off as pure photography. I usually let members know when I've replaced a sky or something like that (I once saw a lighthouse on this site whose light source was the opposite of that of the clouds behind it... but I suppose he could have been an alien and shot the photo on his home planet?). No worries, dude. I agree with you that manips are a form of creativity (and this is from a fine art major, back in the 1970's).