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Ended 01/02/17 2:15 PM GMT
Winner: Akeraios (See the full results)

1st place
Starlight Globe by Akeraios

Flmngseabass: Spectacular render Hannah!!! Most beautiful and perfect for the season!!!! Wow!!

purmusic: I owe you some more words, methinks.. so.. here are some more words..

First and foremost.. this image is a really nice edition to your globe series.

I caught your post/comment on the Offtopics and came back to your image's page here a couple of times since. And finally, I think.. distilled what exactly was throwing me off from being more enthusiastic about the image itself.

The placement and perspective of the star within the globe.

And this aside from the overall shape/size/brightness.

Which could be mitigated if, in my humble opinion.. had you placed it such that it was behind the house/tree. And such that the rays didn't supersede everything.

Where the star is now, creates some problems for my pea brain, on the notes of shadows cast and so on.

That drivel and nonsense of mine aside (<-- still keepin' it real!)..

Nice work, Hannah.

And here's to lots and lots of Christmas sales for you. :o)

Akeraios received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Snow Globe in the Night by stylo

Lightpainter: Congratulations on 2nd place. Not too shabby.

tigger3: I love the results of this one, faved!!! Merry Christmas to you and Pam, and I wish you both the best in the New Year! tigs=^..^=

bfrank: I like it Chris! Thanks for the Christmas wish. I'm a little stopped up in the nose right now. The cold weather just blew in on us. But it is fickle and goes up and down. My sinus does not appreciate it. Hope your holiday is wonderful. This was a great idea for a Christmas wallpaper.

stylo received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Christmas 2016 by corngrowth

bfrank: That's awesome Cornelius. Very inspiring work. Your camera work is a splendid wonder to behold. Nice frame.

carlosf_m: Merry Christmas to you and to your love ones!

icedancer: Brilliant Greeting Card from your part of the World - Wow - Wishing you and the family a Very Merry Christmas my dear friend - this card is a download and fav for me

4th place
The Three Wise Men by Ramad

koca: Very amusing and interesting. Raj. Good luck, my friend.

biffobear: Well done.....R.

Flmngseabass: A great 4th place image Raj! Congratulations:)

tigger3: This is such a nice display, good luck in the contest Raj.

corngrowth: Congrats, Raj, for your 4th place in the 'Happy Holidays' contest!

5th place
Happy Holidays! by Pistos

jerseygurl: Congrats Jeff on taking 5th place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!

tigger3: Thank you for the greeting, and the same from me to you. tigs=^..^=

jerseygurl: Happy Holidays to you and yours Jeff happy to know that you are feeling better - also, wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!!!