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Ended 08/25/17 7:15 AM GMT
Winner: Lightpainter (See the full results)

1st place
Mystery Machine by Lightpainter

Flmngseabass: A big round and squaty congratulations Ted on placing 1ST!!!! A great mystery has now been unveiled:):)

jerseygurl: A telescope of some kind perhaps - Good Luck in the contest!!!!!!!!

bfrank: Congrats on winning first place Ted!!! A very good job!!!

Lightpainter received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
What Is It? by corngrowth

questjester: lol @ Star Wars!

Samatar: A statue made of melted licorice allsorts.

tigger3: Oh this is so cool! I see a robot with cat on it's head. Excellent find, well edited, and perfect contest entry. tigs=^..^=

jerseygurl: Congratulations Cornelius on taking 2nd place in the contest - great entry!!!!!!

corngrowth received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Gosh, I Bet This Is... by braces

Lightpainter: My guess: This is the 2012 Olympic stadium in London.

icedancer: Looks like we are looking up through a metal building structure. Make a wonderful entry and good luck

corngrowth: A microscopic view of my brains, Steve, ☺ .
I'm kidding of course because it can be steel frame of a construction in progress.
An intriguing capture however and very appropriate for the current contest.

Good Luck with it!

4th place
What is this? by Ramad

gonedigital: What is this?

Sorry Raj can't help you the photographs field of focus is very shallow and blurred in places so I can't discern precise details. Or perhaps you deliberately blurred sections yourself.
Guessing I'd say it's either a computer mouse, game control or some sort of mariners navigation unit.
You produce some fine work Raj (o: and hope you aren't offended by my valid critique.

This is Phlossys sixth comment folks and please don't stone me for being honest, thank you.

5th place
What Could It Be by jerseygurl

Starglow: Could be a stack of coins.

Nikoneer: I'm with Thad... a stack of disks... the curves lines and the two vertical lines near the center are the giveaway (the holes in the center). A great idea (if we're right) and image (even if we're not), one just right for my desktop, thanks.