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Ended 06/08/18 3:15 AM GMT
Winner: Dunstickin (See the full results)

1st place
Looking Down2 by Dunstickin

Ramad: I agree with Cornelius. The first one was okay for wacky Wednesday. This is a much better one Bob.

bfrank: Great bird's eye view Bob. Looks like a good entry.

rvdb: Congrats on your win.


Nikoneer: That's pretty cool--seating for 11 adults and 5 small kids (the interior wee bump-outs). This is the perfect way to shoot this unusual seating... from directly above. When I first saw it as a thumbnail I thought perhaps you were growing some mutant tomatoes over their in the highlands, Bob, 'cuz the flooring then looked like a butcher block cutting board.


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2nd place
The Fallen by Allie_P

rvdb: Great angel on this interesting to view.


Dunstickin: Well done on Runner up in the contest...I really like this post.

rvdb: Congrats on your contest win.


Nikoneer: I can certainly see that this fallen angel is both female and most certainly dead. It's probably a good thing since Genesis, chapter 3, of the Torah and the Bible, tells the most famous story of a fallen angel tempting people to sin. It describes Satan, the leader of the fallen angels, appearing as a serpent and telling the first human beings (Adam and Eve) that they can be "like God" (verse 5) if they eat fruit from a tree that God had told them to stay away from for their own protection. So if she was not dead she'd probably be a demon... never a desirable end to a good life.


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3rd place
Dreaming by koca

Ramad: This is a lovely view scene from up above. Nice colours and details in this shot.

mesmerized: A place like this makes me dream too and I'd love to visit here...also want to say I think this would make an excellent entry in the current contest...should you decide to enter it, best of luck.

4th place
Selfie by gr8fulted

corngrowth: Ted, congratulations for your 4th place in the Seen From Above contest.
Very well done!

Nikoneer: Alriiiiiiigghhtt! Looking forward to seeing the results.


jerseygurl: Congrats on 4th place.

0930_23: Congrats on your 4th place finish.

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5th place
Honey Where Is My Sneakers by bfrank

0930_23: Congrats on the finish in the contest Frank.

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rvdb: Congrats on your win.


Ramad: This makes a good entry Frank. With such colors no need for "Honey" to search very long. :)