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Ended 12/07/18 11:15 AM GMT
Winner: Dunstickin (See the full results)

1st place
The Poacher & the Copper by Dunstickin

corngrowth: Bob, congratulations for winning the 'Opposites' contest.
Well done, Owd Mucker!

biffobear: Gotcha......R.

Starglow: Love it, it would be a great entry to the contest.

Dunstickin: Thanks for your votes everyone...seems a shame the lack of entries.

Dunstickin received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Opposites by JaiJoli

tigger3: I agree that it is, good luck! Those clouds are sure impressive. tigs=^..^=

Lightpainter: Yes, cute and appropriate.

Dunstickin: Congrats on 2nd place Jai..

0930_23: Congrats on your 2nd place in the contest.


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JaiJoli received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Opposites 2 by corngrowth

trixxie17: I really like the first one but this one is a terrific shot and I agree with ol' Bob about using this in the contest.

toetsie: Good and beautiful capture!! Good Luck..

toetsie: Congratulations...Mr;C.

tigger3: Oh this turned out really good, I really like it. Good luck with whatever you decide on. tigs=^..^=

4th place
2 kinds by Lin_O

Dunstickin: Congrats on 4th placement Lin

corngrowth: Linc, congratulations for your 4th place in the 'Opposites' contest.

0930_23: Congrats on finishing 4th in the contest.

jerseygurl: Congrats, Lin, on taking 4th place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!

5th place
Mexican petunia by sunny184

0930_23: Congrats on your finish in the contest.


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jerseygurl: Congrats, Eleanor, on taking 5th place in the contest!!!!!!!!!

Dunstickin: Congrats on 5th placement...

tigger3: Such lovely color, nice! tigs=^..^=