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Ended 03/21/19 4:15 PM GMT
Winner: rozem061 (See the full results)

1st place
Suspicious by rozem061

Ramad: Congrats on your win John. That photo id truly very well taken!

casechaser: Enchanting and beautiful, John. A wonderful composition.

Lightpainter: Excellent! Photos of deer are common. Your picture shows that you can always display a subject from your unique perspective. Great entry.

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2nd place
Red Crested Pochard.... by biffobear

corngrowth: I'm not amazed anymore, Richie, (😁) because you've already provided us with excellent images.
This striking one is not an exception!

Vickid: Excellent composition, the reflections, the details and clarity, very impressive. Red Crested Pochard, wow, I cannot even begin to comprehend how you know all the species! Brilliant scene!

biffobear received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
King Kong by LynEve

rozem061: Hey, Lyn !

In mid-2004, Bokito escaped from his enclosure in Berlin and climbed its 3 meter high wall. He was escorted back to his cage without incident.
On May 18, 2007, Bokito jumped over the water-filled ditch that separated his Rotterdam enclosure from the public and violently attacked a woman, dragging her around for tens of meters and inflicting bone fractures as well as more than a hundred bite wounds. He subsequently entered a nearby restaurant, causing panic among the visitors. During this encounter, three more people were injured as a result of the panic. Bokito was eventually sedated with the help of a tranquilizer gun and placed back in his cage.
The woman who was attacked had been a regular visitor to the great apes' enclosure, visiting an average of four times per week. She had a habit of touching the glass that separated her from the gorillas, while making eye contact with Bokito and smiling at him � a practice that is discouraged by primatologists, as apes are likely to interpret human smiling as a form of aggressive display. Zoo employees had previously warned her against doing this, but she continued, claiming a special bond with him: in an interview with `De Telegraaf` she said, "If I smile at him, he smiles back".(Wikipedia)

Good luck in the contest !

4th place
Blue by JaiJoli

regmar: This image conveys the whole "happy dog" thing quite well. I feel that maybe you pushed the contrast a bit far. Here's why: Back when I was in school in TV production (a thousand years ago) they always said that the technique should convey the message and not draw attention to itself. Any attention drawn to the methodology distracts from the message.

Now of course all this goes out the window when the technique IS the message - in which case put the pedal to the metal and distract away!

5th place
Francis by 0930_23

icedancer: Oh my goodness, glad he is the cousin of Francis - I use to watch that show every week. Love the shot and he's a very handsome fellow. Hope you got the right directions, lol. I knew that about mules

Ramad: With his ears he is showing the semaphore signal letter "J" and it means "I am going to send signals in semaphore. Use your cellphone on video to get the message :) Nice shot Tick.