Contest Results: Repeating Objects

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Ended 04/15/20 2:15 PM GMT
Winner: Ramad (See the full results)

1st place
Sheep Marching by Ramad

bfrank: Congratulations on winning first place, Raj! Great job.

mesmerized: Congrats, Raj! And I applaud this wooley bunch for cooperating so well for this shot :)

biffobear: Follow the leader...Like a lot of these shoppers at the moment...R.

Ramad received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Boat Line by Dunstickin

Ramad: Well taken photo which makes a very good entry for the contest.

bfrank: Congratulations on your second place win, Bob. You did good.

koca: Excellent work, I love it. It could be a great entry. Stay at home, Bob. LOL

jerseygurl: Congrats, Bob on taking 2nd place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!

Dunstickin received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
railway by ro_and

corngrowth: Roland, congratulations for you 3rd place in the Repeating Objects contest.
Very well done!

corngrowth: Roland, this capture would be an excellent entry for the current contest because it meets perfectly the contest topic.

If you would decide so, I like to wish you Good Luck with it!

4th place
Metal, Shadow, Concrete, Repeat by chris_f2005

bfrank: Congratulations on fourth place, Chris!

mesmerized: Congrats, Chris! Reminds me of a similar shot in my gallery titled Funny Shadows.

jerseygurl: Congrats, Chris on taking 4th place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!

LynEve: Splendid entry !

bfrank: A good one for the contest, Chris. Wish you much luck.

5th place
Antwerp 08 by corngrowth

tigger3: I think this deserves to be in the contest Mr. C. marvelous! tigs=^..^=

jerseygurl: Congrats, Cornelius on taking 5th place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramad: The "pattern" here looks impressive! Well composed shot which includes a train also Cornelius.