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Ended 10/07/09 11:44 AM GMT
Winner: Dunstickin (See the full results)

3rd place
Moonlit Shores by Jay_Underwood

twinkel: Congrats with the 3rd place in Night-Time:o)

purmusic: Jay, going to hit you with a driveby commentary here ... my apologies in advance.

Love your composition, love the tones present, silhouettes et al. And much like Chris above me ... your capture of the water is excellent.

The lone caveat that resides in my thoughts when viewing your photo here ... is that of the cross-screen filter effect with respect to that of the moon.

Simple might be better?

Really an elegant image and sophisticated photo. And one that I do enjoy. So ...

Well done, overall, from me.

Annnnnd ... but of course, thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)

4th place
Moon in Clouds by Larser

Logun7: .`).`)fαитαѕтι(״`ν^ (״`ν^

AuroraBorealis: beautiful!

Tamas2evil: This photo is just missing the vampire bat... Very nice!

twinkel: Congrats with the 4th place in Night-Time:o)