Ultimate Wave  

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Uploaded: 12/29/07 8:53 PM GMT
Ultimate Wave
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Fractal flame render + PSCS -


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12/29/07 11:43 PM GMT
Ok then ... not usual for me to have any suggestions for improvement on your work, as the calibre of your images are always great.

First, very nice work of course. Make no mistake about my words to follow ... just thinking ... or typing out loud here ...

What do you think about a change in the orientation and placement of your flame ... lower into the bottom right hand corner and then across, such that it acts as a source of illumination for the text? Which brings in it's own difficulties I suspect what with the negative space that would result.

Not sure of whether or not I need to re-calibrate my monitor, however, I am having some ... some, difficulty with the legibility.

So ... maybe a compromise then ... larger render to keep the composition as is ... by which I mean the flame crosses near the horizontal midline, but would still accomplish the backdrop (sort of) for the accompanying text.

Having said all that ... quite a sosphisticated piece ... and ... I like it.

Nice work, good to see 'you' again ... and but, of course ... thanks for sharing your work with us.
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01/01/08 11:05 AM GMT
Hi, thank you for your thoughts, I will try to do that. Last month I change my crt monitor with tft and txt is fine here.
Thank you again for your words - All the best!
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FractalArt -
01/02/08 3:48 AM GMT
I'm no big fan of fractal art, but I do like the colors and arrangement of this work. On my CRT, the text gets too dark, too quickly. Barely legible after the "m" in "Ultimate."
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01/02/08 6:38 AM GMT
I really like this. It's different from the usual fractal image, but it works quite elegantly. The text, as stated by other commentators, is a problem for me. It's quite hard to read as it dims out. But I like the image regardless.
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01/02/08 1:59 PM GMT
Great image. Text is hard to read as stated. I would have liked to see more of the image. The cutoff placement showing only about a third of the image doesn't do it justice, but, hey, what do I know? If it pleases YOU, that's all that counts.
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01/02/08 2:47 PM GMT
I like how this is presented and i like the colors , maybe make the main interest a bit bigger ?

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01/02/08 3:55 PM GMT
I like this, it's simple but beautiful. Makes a great background and that's what this site is for !
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01/02/08 7:11 PM GMT
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01/02/08 9:48 PM GMT
This is a really good fractal, I like the colors. :)
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