Red as the Flame  

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Uploaded: 12/18/11 5:00 AM GMT
Red as the Flame
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This is (I hope) Part 1 of a three-part color series I'm working on. Mostly created in Paint Shop Pro, with textures from XaoS, and as usual a good bit of inspiration from Nathan Smith.

Prints of this and other works are available at RedBubble and Zazzle.


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12/18/11 9:00 AM GMT
Fabulous work!! Beautiful design and layout and eye popping colors!!!!Absolutely gorgeous work Hannah!!!!!!!!
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12/18/11 11:36 AM GMT
Nicely.. and I do mean, nicely done on the metalwork, Hannah.

The individual elements of the pattern(s) ... 'frame' and that of the jewel's setting ... flow well and compliment one another.

Liking the glints, too.


The Xaos texture, to a degree.

Find myself so attracted to the inlaid parts and their respective deeper and richer colours.. wondering how that would translate for the background?

Perhaps.. not as deep, though?

Coincidentally, had just made mention of what is to follow to another member. Might be a workaround of sorts, on the above note/thoughts..

Targeted Local Contrast Enhancement

... towards the ends of making the interior section pop a lil' more.

That said..

Very nice work.
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12/18/11 4:21 PM GMT
LOVE it!!!!

Especially the red with the gold and the design is good good too :o)
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Carpe Diem!
12/18/11 6:48 PM GMT
Excellent job...Faved...
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12/18/11 7:16 PM GMT
The main XaoS fractal is just overlaid at 25% opacity, so no need for contrast enhancement. How is this version at 50% opacity? I just don't want it to overpower the foreground.
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12/19/11 2:06 AM GMT


Wayyyyy.. way, way ... way, too much.



p.s. Better to my eyes now, the thought was to deepen the contrasts. At 50%.. that is accomplished nicely and is not overpowering the foreground.
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12/19/11 8:36 PM GMT
Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all!
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12/16/12 2:49 AM GMT
BEAUTIFUL! Touches my heart!
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07/10/13 7:05 PM GMT
Nice job, Hannah. I like it.
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