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Uploaded: 10/29/06 4:09 PM GMT
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Something bright and cheery for your desktop. Made with Photo Impact.


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10/30/06 12:49 AM GMT
really looks like a fish tank. I like it.
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10/30/06 4:05 AM GMT
Very cheerful posting. Great idea.
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Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery. Today's a gift. That's why it's called the present.
10/30/06 5:04 AM GMT
I like this - and I _really_ like the seahorses - they look like something out of Wallace & Grommit. The only bit I'm not quite so keen on is the row of shells and stones at the bottom. It would be great if these could be faded into the scene a little, but I don't even know how possible that is so take this as a suggestion from somebody who doesn't have a clue how you created any of it... The bubbles are great and I love the blue colour with the background twist. It really seems to add depth to the image. -cfr
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10/30/06 4:12 PM GMT
Hi Kat, This really is very cheerful! Love it! It looks great full screen, too.
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All of earth is crammed with heaven And every bush aflame with God But only those who see take off their shoes. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning<p> mygallery
11/28/06 6:34 AM GMT
Kids would have to love this! Very bright and great fun!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
03/22/07 11:15 PM GMT
wow. this is soooo beautiful. looks great as my wallpaper. really have me looking forward to summer time. good job!
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05/06/07 7:50 AM GMT
i love looking at this image.... its seems like I'm being carried over and wanted to see the ocean...
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01/22/08 10:27 AM GMT
This is sooo GREAT, thanks for sharing!
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03/22/08 3:01 AM GMT
Wow this is a great image thank you so much for sharring this with us all I love the sea shells at the bottom keep up the great work.
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God bless you all and take care and have a nice year' Deana
04/10/08 5:53 PM GMT
A colorful eye catcher!!
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Kipa hou mai (Come & visit again)
09/09/08 5:49 AM GMT
I like it, it started the song "Under The Sea" to play in my head.
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04/18/09 8:26 AM GMT
I always liked artwork like this. Very stunning!
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Evelyn O. Simon
11/28/09 9:33 PM GMT
Love the upside down seahorse :]
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