Lava Tech  

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Uploaded: 06/04/04 10:52 PM GMT
Lava Tech
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06/05/04 3:50 AM GMT
awesome image lucy... i always like how you use the grids in your images.. the colors in this one are great and i can tell it must have taken you a while.. great job 10/10 ;]
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
06/05/04 6:59 AM GMT
Beautiful work,Lucy.
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carpe diem.
06/05/04 11:06 AM GMT
Awesome work!!!
Still love your work Cain.
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Nobody's Perfect, And I'm nobody :p
06/05/04 12:30 AM GMT
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never give up
06/05/04 1:10 PM GMT
thanks a lot co2metal, Joost, Pim, Mum!^^
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06/05/04 7:35 PM GMT
Your abstract images rule Lucy! Busy image...
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06/05/04 9:05 PM GMT
I love your work. All of it. 10/10 11/10 if i could
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Otherwise known as NuTTeRS. AIM:Nu7TeRS
06/05/04 10:26 PM GMT
thanks Raziel, yo^^

yes Raziel, it's busy... but it could have been a lot more^^ I did have to restrain myself from putting too much!^^
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10/08/04 2:51 AM GMT
i like all of your backgrounds cain, i use them.thank you
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04/24/05 9:41 PM GMT
Awesome. My best friend likes to use grids, too. I like the effect a lot. Love the colors in this one, too!
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01/24/06 10:35 PM GMT
Wonderful....awesome, catchy,, excellent work!!
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Latest Work: Expiable
03/13/06 1:16 PM GMT
I love the colours and the texture of this piece, amazing. Thanks
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08/14/06 11:49 AM GMT
man i love your work
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11/17/06 9:39 PM GMT
Thats really cool!
What program did u make it in?
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02/04/08 9:21 PM GMT
Very nice, i have made 1 like this, and they are hard to make, Keep it up!
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