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Uploaded: 10/14/09 11:46 PM GMT
Caedes Website layout
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Did this today. Took me 4 hours to complete it, even though it's a very simple design. The resolution is for a 17 inch screen. Don't really know why I decided to do a Caedes website template. I just wanted to do something, anything but a photomanip (wasn't in the right frame of mind). I remember that it was discussed a while back (changing the design) but it does means a lot of work and Caedes is a very busy man. I discovered though, that these last few years webdesign evolved a great deal and was a lot easier with cool stuff like css and JQuery (mostly for the look of a website). I made this with the caedes website in mind but it can work for other stuff. If someone wants to use the layout for their website, feel free... (just don't use the images : a lot are free stuff from XCHNG but a few are from Ingram and you have to own the cd to have the license to use the images). So what do you guys think...?


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10/15/09 1:09 AM GMT
Hmmm... Well, I'm really used to the current design - especially the ubiquious spider in the background (it's a comfort thing!), also the banner seems too large for the text on the left and bottom, even with my 17-inch monitor. But I love that color combination!! Orange and that particular shade of green work really well with each other. And I also like how you did the featured images, very fresh.
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10/15/09 1:10 AM GMT
I think it looks great. Very clean, contemporary look. Nice job! Eric D.
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10/15/09 1:58 AM GMT
I really like it. looks very user friendly and great choice for the colors as well, Awesome!!
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10/15/09 3:03 AM GMT
That's really cool. I love the colors. I thought they were orange (maybe a little bright) and dark gray. Must be my monitor. Even with the ads removed, there seems to be a lot of space that could be put to use just like there is now. I don't know if I'd miss the old light gray layout or not. You did a really fine job though.
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10/15/09 4:31 AM GMT
Your work must definitely be food for thought! 'caedes, however, would probably hold the one and only vote... he does the programming... he has the software to do it¿ He might know when he has the time to do something or the will! It is a very appealing Home Page design... very professional looking¡ And the 'caedes spider is indeed still there. I do like your use of colours to bring out certain details rather than simply bold. Where you have blank white area... I have blank grey area, so that part could simply be browser set-up. The only 'colour' use I wonder about is the black... it does restrict the use of certain colours... whereas the current light grey is open to almost any shade. But the black is indeed attractive. Tradeoffs! :o)
And the new buttons (locations) could be interesting as well.
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10/15/09 8:39 PM GMT
Thanks for the feedback guys.

About the colors there's actually no black in the layout,your monitor is right cynlee :) It's all shade of dark grey and light grey (plus white) against a very harsh orange for the contrast.

za4em9 : you make very good points. the background for the second menu seems indeed to be too large. Though I quite like all this empty space it allows the text to breath I think.

.Con_ :I don't really expect Caedes to change the site, but it's fun, just playing with some idea's :)
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10/16/09 1:07 AM GMT
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
10/16/09 11:55 PM GMT
This is a bit of a shock for me. I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared for it. I'd keep thinking I was redirected to the wrong site, but I'm old and set in my ways. Hope you're doing well Lucy.
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10/17/09 12:01 AM GMT
Hey Robert,I'm good. Thanks for stopping by. And no worries, I understand completely, we all are creatures of habits ;)
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10/20/09 6:42 PM GMT
I like it very much Lucy. The orange/dark grey combination is really nice. I hope that Geri will take a look... ;-)
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10/20/09 9:19 PM GMT
Thank you Pierre ! Glad you like :)
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10/25/09 12:57 AM GMT
Hey! I just caught this in my queue of newly uploaded images. Pretty cool design. It certainly has a "web 2.0" feel to it. I know I had planned on changing the design or at least updating it a long time ago, but at the time I felt like the time would be better used by adding features and fixing bugs. Unfortunately, that is almost always true (hence no significant design changes in a long time). Maybe this will refresh the desire to see something different?
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10/25/09 7:18 PM GMT
Hey Geri ! Thank you for stoping by and taking the time to comment on this. I'm glad you like it. :)

About the site don't worry, I know you're a very busy man :) and IMHO I think you made the right call, concentrating you effort on the contents. It's what matters really.

And through the years, even though I wasn't always as present as I once was, I've seen this site and community changes and evolve for the better. As Piner said " has come a long way ".

I don't know if this will spark some new interest but I think it could be quite fun to have another "site design" Contest. I think members would like that, try their hands (again) at something else than photography or CGI...
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