Helix Nebula  

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Uploaded: 11/19/03 7:30 PM GMT
Helix Nebula
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The Helix Nebula Credit: NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Nebula Team, M. Meixner (STScI), and T.A. Rector (NRAO).


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11/19/03 7:36 PM GMT
Oooh! It looks like a bloodshot eye.
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11/19/03 8:09 PM GMT
It does doesn't it. There's actually another nebula that looks even more than an eye NGC 6751, I might upload it later on, but the quality of it isn't that good (was taken in 2000).
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11/19/03 10:05 PM GMT
Wow!!, Well done... Very nice.. rade it a 10!
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11/20/03 2:56 AM GMT
Crusader, I was watching a program about a new type of telescope the other day... it hasn't been built yet, I think it was called SOFIA or SOPHIA... have you heard of it?
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11/20/03 4:39 AM GMT
Nope. Haven't heard of it...
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11/20/03 7:50 AM GMT
It was really interesting, it's like the hubble space telescope but is mounted inside a plane (you know, like a jumbo jet)... so it can be taken into the upper atmosphere... apparantly it will be even more sensitive than hubble, they reckon it could even detect life on other planets. And because it isn't in space, it is a lot cheaper to launch and maintain. On the program they said they were aiming for 2004... don't know how recent the program was made though.
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11/21/03 5:49 PM GMT
I got some info on it.
SOFIA - Stratopheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy:
NASA and the DLR, German Aerospace Center, are working together to create SOFIA a Boeing 747SP aircraft modified by L-3 Communications Integrated Systems to accommodate a 2.5 meter reflecting telescope. SOFIA will be the largest airborne observatory in the world, and will make observations that are impossible for even the largest and highest of ground-based telescopes.

Can't wait till next year to see what it provides. ;)
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11/23/03 12:43 AM GMT
Sounds almost like science fiction... "Activate the lateral sensor array..."
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
01/01/04 11:14 PM GMT
Whoa! Looks like an eye!
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01/15/04 11:12 PM GMT
whoa I didn't even realize what it was at first it's so pretty. I looked into NGC 6751 it's pretty but I still like this one much better. Thank you very much for putting this up.
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02/24/04 8:16 PM GMT
This reminds me of the "old" game BLOOD 2...İts very nice...
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05/26/04 11:52 PM GMT
awesome, I didnt know that you could see into space so clearly
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10/27/04 12:05 AM GMT
{insert Darth Vader's theme here}

I like it!
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12/04/04 3:34 AM GMT
Isn't space jus so... unexplainable? To think that that is gases... hundreds of millions miles beyond the reach of our eyes... only accessed by an unblinking eye in the heavens... totally blows my mind.
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ha ha! My high school principal was called Shrek's mom!! That Is So Cool!!! [Happy Halloween! My First Picture!]
07/27/05 8:39 PM GMT
Well this is
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10/21/05 9:39 PM GMT
This is one of my favorite pictures of celestial objects. And just as some extra info, I believe that the Helix Nebula is also known as "God's Eye". (Just a piece of random knowledge)
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01/31/06 1:47 AM GMT
Nice colors
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04/25/06 5:51 PM GMT
ive seen this picture before. hmmmmm....
where i saw it, it was called: God's Eye, just as ZeroFluffy said.
its very nice.
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09/05/06 10:06 AM GMT
on an other photo it looks just like the Eye Of Sauron (LOTR)
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10/01/06 2:16 AM GMT
I have seen this one before on the NASA site and it was called The Eye of God. I had lost track of it and I loved it so thanks so much for sharing this!
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How lovely it is when unexpected blessings come into my life to cheer me up and put a smile into my heart. Help me to pass them on, dear Lord. Fay Angus
06/01/10 4:34 AM GMT
I've heard it caled the Eye of God.

Isn't it amazing how God shows his creativity. Even in something like this. The pinnacle of man's exploratory invention, and he is still discovering just how big, and almighty God is-- to have created this universe and every single living thing in it.

Awesome shot! Congrats on making the home page display.

P.S. If you get a chance, take a look at my gallery. Any comments, criticisms, advice, etc. on any of my pics would be greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day!
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