Nebula's Edge  

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Uploaded: 10/10/05 6:11 PM GMT
Nebula's Edge
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A little something I pieced together while trying to get rid of some "post exam" stress. Credit for original planet goes to NASA.


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10/10/05 6:23 PM GMT
I like this, very good, great job and the colors look great!
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10/10/05 6:43 PM GMT
This is a nice job but I think you need some rather large stars to to the right to define were the light source iscoming from.
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10/10/05 6:50 PM GMT
The light comes from the sun that's not visible in the image ;-)
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10/10/05 7:13 PM GMT
Probably the best use of surface textures on a planet I've seen. I also like how the planet is void of atmosphere giving it a more dead look. Background looks good also.
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10/10/05 9:55 PM GMT
Deftly done. I like this image - it fits together nicely.
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10/11/05 6:04 AM GMT
I am generally not someone who cares for 'spacey' images, but this one certainly grabbed my attention, first in the voting booth and of course, here. It is really cool looking and makes a rather interesting desktop. I really am not sure what fascinates me here, but it does and I like it and thank you KJ :~)
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~ Mimi~
10/11/05 1:15 PM GMT
That's Callisto from Jupiter's mini system isn't it?
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10/11/05 9:22 PM GMT
Nice idea. It looks a little like Europa....(2001 fan).
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10/12/05 5:12 PM GMT
It is indeed Europa. Only in a whole different color, and much edited.
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10/15/05 9:04 AM GMT
Very nice image. I think the title looks squeezed in there though.
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10/15/05 10:26 PM GMT
Just for sheer drama it will be hard to knock this one off my desktop!
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10/19/05 1:33 AM GMT
Ya, the moon thats covered entirely in ice. Beautiful and haunting image.
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10/19/05 2:02 PM GMT
This is great. I'm not usually into these type of images , but this is outstanding. I love that orange "flame" on the right side of the picture. Good job!
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11/06/05 3:08 PM GMT
Nicely done...everything is well placed...very realistic! Great job.
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01/07/06 2:54 PM GMT
Very cool! I love the colors in this! Very mystical feeling!..=)
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05/08/06 6:23 PM GMT
Nice space image.
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06/13/06 2:38 PM GMT
Very nice work, well done : ) K
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10/03/06 11:23 AM GMT
Very cool! Nice way to destress. What planet is it?
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08/26/07 12:20 AM GMT
The Nebula seems to be two images about to embrace and the planet appears to watching this activity. Great colors and composition. I really liked this work.
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01/30/08 12:34 AM GMT
it's absolutely beautiful. it almost looks as though you might have seen it in the movie "Titan: AE" or some such thing. i like it. bring on some more;)
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