As the Day Ends  

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Uploaded: 09/30/06 8:25 PM GMT
As the Day Ends
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A stitching of some photos, cropped, and then manipulated in Photoshop. The pics were taken on the same day as another manip I made like this here. Hope you enjoy!


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09/30/06 10:53 PM GMT
Very nice work, I really like this effect and certainly am enjoying your post!

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joy is not in things, it's in us !!!
10/01/06 12:13 AM GMT
This is definitely striking. I really like it.
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10/01/06 12:47 AM GMT
Very nice job on this.
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10/01/06 2:43 AM GMT
Well done! Very striking, indeed. Great effects, gives you the feeling that you could almost reach out and touch the sky. Thanks for the post.
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“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
10/01/06 4:14 AM GMT
I really like this Glenn, it has a strong hot vs cold feel to me. Great work -

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10/01/06 5:47 AM GMT
wow you did a great job with this! love the colors, and this is such a cool cloud formation. really like the moon/planet that you put in, in such a great place too! great job! ~abby
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i apologize for my delay in replying to all of your wonderful comments...senior year in hs has me incredibly busy and almost frantic...
10/03/06 4:22 AM GMT
THis is a wonderous manipulation. I love the idea of the worlds in the horizon. Excellent work
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10/03/06 7:48 PM GMT
Great colours! This is really a nice picture

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10/05/06 6:26 AM GMT
well done!
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I hold it true that thoughts are things; They're endowed with bodies, breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill the world with good results, or ill. That which we call our secret thought speeds forth to earth's remotest spot, leaving it's blessings or it's woes like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought for good or for ill, yet know it not. Yet so the universe was wrought . Thought is another name for fate. Choose then thy destiny and wait, for Love brings Love and Hate brings Hate. - Henry Van Dyke.
10/05/06 8:40 PM GMT
Very nice manipulation, Love the textured bit on the big planet! That Sunset was well worth capturing too!
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10/07/06 1:50 AM GMT
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Jesus can you take the time to throw a drowning man a line, Peace on Earth ::::: *******.
10/07/06 4:04 PM GMT
Amazing work! This is very beautiful!
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Today is tell a knock-knock joke to Les/Purmusic day.....
10/08/06 12:37 AM GMT
Well, Glenn (with 2 N's!!!) .. I give this a Tenn (with 2 N's!!!)

I woulda given it more N's but I didn't want to rock the boat
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10/19/06 2:07 AM GMT
Very cool.
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11/10/06 5:29 PM GMT
Very nicely put together. The colours in the sunset are sensational!
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11/11/06 12:51 AM GMT
Yeah wow! I agree with kyensen this is a really cool manip! Good job!
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12/28/06 5:40 AM GMT
Blends so well. Awesome colors, everything compliments eachother.
Thanks for sharing, well done.
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Check out ze gallery or have a look at the new contest idea.

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