Flare Of White  

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Uploaded: 08/11/06 2:50 AM GMT
Flare Of White
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God I suck with making names but it will do for now lol.


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08/11/06 5:30 AM GMT
Relax...your title is appro to the subject fact, it's very good...I am preaching to myself here actually.. I have a hard time naming things too and usually retreat into alteration... :) I like the contrast you have made on this's very striking...nice job :)PJ
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08/11/06 12:32 AM GMT
Very nice presentation and design. I like the b&w very much as well as the name you've chosen. Well done. Anita
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08/11/06 4:16 PM GMT
Looks good Brent...i think you should have added a bit more
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08/11/06 6:54 PM GMT
This is a unique eye catcher. I think your title is a good one for the image.This is on my desktop already. I like the lines & points in this design, and the silver/white appearance.The contrast works well - perfect on the black background. You did yourself proud on this Brent!
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08/12/06 1:27 AM GMT
Thank you
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11/03/06 10:29 AM GMT
Doesn't matter if you suck with names, i'm even worse! i was reduced to using song names :P

Man this is awesome, very different to what is usually posted in the abstract section, all seem the same to me :(
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07/03/07 1:18 AM GMT
a name is nothing when it comes to art. great work!
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02/22/10 5:44 PM GMT
Great job looks cool.
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