Glass Convertible  

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Uploaded: 04/25/06 9:15 AM GMT
Glass Convertible
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This one turned out looking very similar to the old Avon bottles that I remember from days of old. Rendered with Bryce 5.


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04/25/06 11:18 AM GMT
Hey Randazzle!! This is just lovely! So sparkley and the colour is perfect! Using this particular colour of bloo for the reflection is wonderful! It makes a grand desktop!! Thankies to you so much m' dear! Verena
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04/25/06 11:23 AM GMT
Amazing work! does look so much like those avon cars!
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It is almost time again for my midol and m&m's...beware of sudden mood swings...:) :(
04/25/06 12:00 AM GMT
Great work! Makes for a nice masculine wallpaper image.
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Ephesians 2:8-10
04/25/06 1:27 PM GMT
Excellent 3D render!...I does look like one of those old Avon (DING DONG) Cologne bottles!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare
04/25/06 2:13 PM GMT
Kewl, buddy! I like the simple background. Wen
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04/25/06 2:17 PM GMT
Really cool Randy!!
Like this one ALOT. Love the simple reflective background!! Nice.
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04/25/06 4:16 PM GMT
This is a true stunner Randy. Splendiferous render. Love it.
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04/25/06 5:08 PM GMT
You never cease to amaze me, and I thank you for that! I really like the Hot Rod renditions, and hope to see more of them. You are on to something there, could be a big hit with the Hot Rod crowd.
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04/25/06 5:24 PM GMT
Superb Randy! Amazing talent you have and a 10 from me!
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04/25/06 7:39 PM GMT
Simply amazing work. Super attention to detail. Great work. Thanks for sharing. High marks and favs.
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More does not always equal better --- Katman
04/25/06 11:56 PM GMT
Great job Randy, you get an A+ on this one buddy.
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04/26/06 2:34 AM GMT
What an amazing creation. I especially love the color. It looks so cool and classy.
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05/04/06 2:02 PM GMT
Nice car....what happens if you have an accident?
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
06/16/06 12:42 AM GMT
aw this is very cute ! Bravos :)
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09/27/06 10:07 PM GMT
Nice! The car has excellent details, very realistic....
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11/23/06 3:38 AM GMT
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05/18/07 10:01 PM GMT
Shoo! Don't tell anyone. I used to make my pocket money selling Avon round the houses (my mommy made me) :o)) Great looking render, well done.
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10/21/07 2:51 AM GMT
Into my favorites, not only great to look at but very unique
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