5 mins before  

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Uploaded: 04/28/11 2:29 PM GMT
5 mins before
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This is taken 5 mins before the sun set, I have another photo 5 mins after that I will post soon. I took this in Mtunzini, South Africa while fishing with my dad, the trees you see and the land directly in front of the trees is a protected area known as the Mangroves. Its a stunning place!! I had so much fun :) all comments welcome!


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04/28/11 2:47 PM GMT
Very good sunset, it's obvious you have sunny weather. Nice capture.
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04/28/11 7:18 PM GMT
A Fascinating and Fantastic sunset.Very Nice photo.
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05/06/11 4:08 PM GMT
It looks like a neat place, I usually sleep passed the pretty parts of the morning unless I am going to work. Then I am in such a hurry, I can't stop and take pictures. =). Nice post dear
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05/18/11 1:20 AM GMT
I am glad to hear you had a lot of fun! This place looks very interesting! Very nice big open sky you got here.
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