Leaving tracks...  

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Uploaded: 11/08/11 12:47 AM GMT
Leaving tracks...
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This photo was quite lucky, let me explain, this is taken in a nature reserve, I am sitting in the back of my dads toyota 4x4 bakkie (or pickup truck I think its called else where), the vehicle is not stationary, we are moving. Anyway, normally you wouldnt be able to see anything because there would be dust flying up all over the road, but just before i took this photo it rained very lightly, so the road didnt become muddy but just wet enough so that dust wasnt flying up in the camera...I thought it was quite perfect conditions for snapping ;) Hope u like!!


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11/08/11 4:15 PM GMT
I love it, good idea shooting this scene. I love the colors around. It looks like endless space. Great shot.
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11/08/11 6:59 PM GMT
And i love it.Wonderful scene with Fantastic colors.Superb photo.
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11/09/11 5:04 AM GMT
This reminds me of how it looks in the deserts of Eastern Oregon. Love the color of the soil and grasses. Really cool shot!
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I think im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time - I think I have forgotten this before.
11/14/11 8:01 PM GMT
I like this much better with the horizon not centered.
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------Lynne M.
11/19/11 1:07 AM GMT
Awesome luck getting that photo! Such great compostition!! This actually looks like the road I used to live off of in the country!
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