Side Light Infraction  

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Uploaded: 01/07/13 7:24 AM GMT
Side Light Infraction
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A doodle from Sumopaint:) Hope your weekend was super. Thanks for your comments in advance:)


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01/07/13 7:29 AM GMT
Very unique and lovely! This looks like a handmade quilt that someone has spent years working on. I really like the light colors on the darker background (which really does look like fabric). The 'Side Light' is awesome and a great idea Bruce:)
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01/07/13 5:23 PM GMT
I'm diggin' that spotlight effect! Really cool image.
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01/07/13 6:34 PM GMT
Intricate details / patterns. I like the texture used & the lighting in the center. Excellent work, Bruce.
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01/07/13 8:06 PM GMT
Beautiful piece of art work with a stunning design in the centre and love how you highlighted this art work.
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01/07/13 11:41 PM GMT
interesting... Really really reminds me of a carpet for some reason; those carpets that they make in Ural mountains, that are woven and have a smooth surface. I likes.
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01/08/13 6:42 AM GMT

I can't complain about the weekend if you discount the freezing cold and snow storm that kept me housebound the entire time. We've almost tunneled out to daylight and hope to breach the darkness by noon Wednesday at the latest unless we take another wrong turn.

On the other hand this is some of the best infracting I've seen in quite some time. Good work getting it to come in from the side like that, pure stroke of genius. A great looking design Bruce. Wonderful colours and details.

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01/09/13 2:42 AM GMT
Great work, Bruce and a wonderful contest entry.
Love the shadows .... Good Luck .
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01/11/13 9:35 AM GMT
What a beautiful ornament, so soft and nice. Great colors.
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01/13/13 12:27 AM GMT
I like this one very much. Lovely lighting and to me this looks like a Beautiful ice crystal. Great work. Good luck in the Contest.
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01/15/13 11:49 PM GMT
I really like this design, lovely colours and like the way there seems to be a spot light showing us the beauty
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