Fractured Fun  

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Uploaded: 01/21/21 1:02 AM GMT
Fractured Fun
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A weird name but that's all I got tonight:) Tomorrow I have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy!!!!! Wish we well:):)


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01/21/21 11:15 AM GMT
Bruce, medical exams are tedious beforehand, especially when it comes to colonoscopy. Undergoing these tests is no fun either. And, last but not least, the tension about the result isn't to be envied either.
I wish you the best of luck and hope you hear that no serious medical issues have been come to light.
Thanks for being able to deliver us this beautiful render in this state of mind. I hope that creating this render has distracted your mind, Buddy.
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01/21/21 10:55 PM GMT
This is marvelous, I really like how it turned out, and good luck tomorrow, yikes! tigs=^..^=
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01/22/21 10:48 PM GMT
All good over here:):)
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