Newsbreak Stardom  

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Uploaded: 05/08/21 5:55 AM GMT
Newsbreak Stardom
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Acting lessons are highly recommended:):) Thanks for your comments.


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05/08/21 10:55 AM GMT
--- Acting lessons are highly recommended ---

Bruce, I don't know if this 'request' refers to you personally or your very nice render.
In the first case, it's as if the professor is asking his students to be taught by them.
In the second case, I would like to say that the performance was executed perfectly. Further acting lessons are therefore superfluous. After all, there's no need to do a rehearsal after the performance,Buddy, 😁 !
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05/08/21 11:08 AM GMT
An actor or actress I'm not but I can honestly say I like the final act of this render. tigs=^..^=
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05/08/21 12:59 AM GMT
Your image portrays a strong visual sense of the excitement and glamour of tinsel town. This is not a low budget operation. All that is missing is the red carpet...
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