Floating Above The Threshold  

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Uploaded: 11/25/21 12:54 AM GMT
Floating Above The Threshold
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I know it's a close one but I promise, no singeing here:):):):) Thanks for looking.


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11/25/21 12:41 AM GMT
Bruce, the beaches along our coast are being eroded by storms. They are then artificially raised by spraying them on. For this reason, a sand suction dredger sucks up the sand from sandbanks far from the coast. The sand is then transported to the beach with thick pipes lying on floats.
Looking at this beautiful render, I had the feeling that I was watching such an activity, with the distinctive difference, however, that if the pipes had actually looked like these, perfectly by you 'depicted', ones, the work would have become even more expensive than it's already now. The work could undoubtedly have been hindered as well by numerous spectators there.
I therefore prefer viewing your artwork above actually going to the beach. Anyway, I won't be covered with spraying sand now, Buddy, 😁 !
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11/25/21 1:47 PM GMT
Oh man is this ever cool! Two awesome creations for the day!tigs=^..^=
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