Fan Sway  

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Uploaded: 11/29/22 12:56 AM GMT
Fan Sway
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Dlds: 7
Status: active

Or something like that:) Thanks for your comments.


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11/29/22 12:00 AM GMT
Bruce, luckily your beautiful render is a static one. A dynamic render (with a fan of this size) would probably kick up some dust that could obscure the view.
And then you can't do to viewers like me, Buddy, 😁 !
So we can enjoy undisturbed your wonderful creation now!
4∈ [?]
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12/01/22 4:59 AM GMT
Bruce, love this one. Multi layered, intricate in design, wonderful to view,
4∈ [?]
12/01/22 5:15 AM GMT
Mesmerizing, brings a calm and yet inquisitive feeling in viewing, truly a wonderful and entrancing creation, bravo.
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