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As I inspect buildings for their respective "lenders", I get to go where the public never goes so I get to see these vacant units as part of my job. Here is the interior of one such building. Notice how the outside building "rooftop/top edge" facade lined up with the interior windows horizontal sash rail. Processed in and Photoscape X. Thanks for your comments:)


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06/24/24 7:18 AM GMT
Bruce, a very interesting image. The facade with the windows, even though it was never intended as such, has something artistic in it.
The incoming light makes your photograph to a special one.
Perfectly seen and photographed, Buddy!
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06/24/24 9:45 AM GMT
I like the windows being shown on the floor via being lit by natural light from outside.
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06/24/24 12:40 AM GMT
This is a terrific image! tigs=^..^=
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06/24/24 8:32 PM GMT
Light and shadow are terrific. You did line this up so well. In Boston , many buildings like this have been converted into "lofts" rented out or sold so it is a familiar sight for me.
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06/25/24 6:10 AM GMT
Oops. I described the windows alignment wrong. I must have posted it late and was tired and my brain wasn't functioning right:) I meant that the outside building rooftop/top edge" facade lined up with the interior windows horizontal sash rail:):):) That makes more sense:) I changed the wording in the post description as well.
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06/26/24 7:12 AM GMT
This is an extraordinary scene that you have captured so beautifully. Wow, a rare and unique style, so very attractive, bravo on this photo!
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