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Thanks for all the nice comments posted on the original "Sirens". I just had real issues with it. The more I looked at the beach, up against the mountains....Wrong. In that type of surf, in the mythological day of Odysseus, It wouldn't be like that. I couldn't stand it!!! Thanks for lookin again.


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04/30/06 12:29 AM GMT
I don't care for it much, although the fog effect is cool. I am going to go check out the original. :)
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Are you the universe looking at yourself through the mirror of the human eye?
04/30/06 2:44 AM GMT
Really nicely done Greg, I missed the first one but this looks pretty darn good to me.
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04/30/06 3:21 AM GMT
Nice work on this. Looks a lot like a PC game I used to play. Good job.
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05/01/06 1:14 AM GMT
Whats changed? Still very cool. =0)
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05/01/06 1:44 AM GMT
Took out the beach, up against the rocks. In That kind of surf, there wouldn't be any beach. This is Greek Mythology!! :-) :-)

Thanks man... :-)
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05/07/06 10:49 PM GMT
I really like this Greg! It really sets a mysterious almost eerie mood! I love the foggy background! Nice job! Vicky
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06/07/06 6:13 PM GMT
I did'nt see the original, but this looks great! Odysseus better have his ears covered before he gets to the sirens. The mountains have good texture appearance and I like how they look like they're drifting in the mist. The boat is so small against the lurking mts. And that rough sea is great. Good mythological work. Thanks for this journey :*>
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04/04/07 8:38 PM GMT
This really is wonderful. I looks very mysterious. Well done.
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12/05/08 3:38 PM GMT
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