Shadow Child  

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Uploaded: 09/24/05 6:57 AM GMT
Shadow Child
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hope you like!


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09/24/05 7:11 AM GMT
Wow I love it.. this is just incredible. he really fits into the atmosphere of the image perfectly, and the fog effect is very cool. My favorite of your images of this type. Top marks.
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09/24/05 7:37 AM GMT
Well this is a most unique creation. Ive never seen one like it. I cannot imagine how you put it together but its definitely got artist qualities...the darkness and drama is amazing.. I love the way the globe is present...
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A woman is like a never know how strong she is till she gets in hot water !!
09/24/05 7:50 AM GMT
Amazing image , exellent mood creation and great color choices. Love the low moon.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
09/24/05 9:30 AM GMT
Oooh, wow!
Totally amazing, Renee! Love the gothic atmosphere and all the mist ;]
You never fail to impress me with your work.
Well done!
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PrettyFae x ...join me in the world of Vampire Freaks...
09/24/05 1:06 PM GMT
Intriguing image...all sorts of things come to mind viewing its' dark mystery and how well you have placed the figure in the fog...great work.:Pat.
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I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.
09/24/05 1:59 PM GMT
I gave this image 10/10 Not may make it to my Favorites List this work almost made it; I am not being sarcastic or smart. I would have preferred to see the moon higher. Where it is situated now, seems to take away from the reality of this presentation. My Gallery
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09/24/05 3:07 PM GMT
Very nice work, amazing actually, the dark colors make this very nice and stand out, the man looks like a vampire to me, the work you've done here is great, nice work!
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09/24/05 3:42 PM GMT
haha, not bad. I actually thought it was Stephen's when i saw the thumbnail
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"Shave my head and Im not Sad" Chili Peppers
09/24/05 4:47 PM GMT
Good work! Scary, though. Don't think I want it on my desktop. :)
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09/24/05 5:29 PM GMT
very cool .. very Halloweenie .. the FOG is good, hard to do that effectively ... if I may add my two cents (*smirks*) .. try to blend something into large areas of 'poser' skin .. (the trouble with poser is it's too barbie-doll'ish) .. maybe a wolf pet or two .... and for future works, try to move off center

but don't let anything I've said lead you to believe I don't like it (*smirks again*)
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You must be this tall ----> to ride the ride *
09/24/05 6:25 PM GMT
Fantastic work, it oozes talent. My top marks to you........

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09/24/05 8:55 PM GMT
Ok, I'll start off with the negatives, I don't really like the moon being so big like that because it gives the effect that it is 2D and right next to the guy, now for the positives, the image looks great, the dark colors, the fog, the guy, the everything basically! Favorites is where this is going.
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09/25/05 6:05 PM GMT
Great job on this, this is going into my favorites!
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09/27/05 1:42 PM GMT
Such a beautiful, yet creepy image! I love the detail in his jacket! Very nice work!
Well done!
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09/27/05 8:00 PM GMT
Where is Van Helsing when we need him?!? lol! Awesome image. ;D
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"The Foundation of Understanding is the willingness to Listen."
10/02/05 8:57 PM GMT
I love the awesomeness! lol. This is really good, though. 10 from me!
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~^*||\\Anna//||*^~ saunter: to walk at a leisurely pace; stroll. Windmill, Windmill, for the land/Run forever, hand in hand/Take it all in on your stride/It is sticking, falling down/Love forever, love is free/Let's turn forever, you and me/Windmill, Windmill, for the land/Is everbody in?//
10/20/05 10:27 PM GMT
I don't like it...I love it, hope to see more soon :o)
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The Artist Formerly Known as B1aze!
11/04/05 1:19 PM GMT
Good work!
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12/24/05 8:26 PM GMT how he's standing in the fog...nicely done!

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Art washes away from the soul the dust of life....Picasso
12/25/05 4:04 PM GMT
Very good!
The figure, the Vampire is outstanding! The picture instantly sets a foreboding mood, a little sense of danger, yet intriguing.
A little How I Made This would've been nice, but I quess we just have to - well, quess the methods used.
Again, very good!
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10/21/06 6:12 PM GMT
This image is truly amazing. I really like how you have faded images in there like the tree roots on the ground.
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Fighting for freedom is like screwing for virginity. - Anon
05/30/07 11:39 PM GMT
I apologise for not finding this before now... brilliant work, truly outstanding!
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06/09/07 10:19 PM GMT
That is one hell of a piece of work....10/10.

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11/30/07 6:06 PM GMT
This picture is wicked!!! what more can u say
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01/23/09 11:39 PM GMT
Its 1 AM over here so it kinda creeps me out.Great job anyway,love it.

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06/07/09 5:48 PM GMT
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