Heidelberg Schloss  

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Uploaded: 07/27/07 2:03 AM GMT
Heidelberg Schloss
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I had to go back to Heidelberg after I discovered the difference between "auto" and "shutter priority" modes...I think the trip was worth it...what say you?

The Schloss sits on the hill in the top left with the Bridge Gate just below it. The Alte Brucke (Old Bridge) spans the Neckar River from the bottom left and the Church of the Holy Spirit towers over the Old City of Heidelberg in the top right.

The first attempt at this shot is here.


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07/27/07 2:14 AM GMT
Ah night lights, sometimes a cities true beauty shows at night.
Great photo!
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07/27/07 2:40 AM GMT
This is really amazing, not that I didn't think you couldn't post something like this. It's just... words fail me.... I wish I could put into words how wonderful this is.... maybe in my next life! ~Mary~
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07/27/07 3:21 AM GMT
Well now this one is even better!!! I love the reflections of green especially in this one. The starlights are definitely my favorite in this...they really came out great. This one's going right into the favs!
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As a wise man once said, "Wherever you go, there you are."
07/27/07 5:40 AM GMT
Chris, this is absolutelyl fantastic! Holy Cow! You really must be inspired now. I'm so glad you went back. It was definitely worth it! Now you can teach me how to take fabulous night shots with stars in them! lol What a difference from the first shot. I'm faving this because it is so beautiful and also to remind me to learn how to shoot at night.
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07/27/07 8:29 AM GMT
Absolutely beautiful, and one of the best pictures I've seen in Caedes.

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07/27/07 10:34 AM GMT
Very beautiful and there is a big diff. between the two posts. Thanks for showing both of them. Very well Done and yes the trip was worth it. >< sandi
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I really enjoy hearing from my caedes friends.
07/27/07 2:54 PM GMT
Oh my goodness, this is just fabulous. I like the other one too, but much prefer this one.
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
07/27/07 5:22 PM GMT
I love the different layers of architecture. It looks so beautiful, golden and festive. It's a sumptuous night shot. :)
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07/27/07 6:47 PM GMT
And again! Great night scene here.

Ian :)
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07/27/07 11:13 PM GMT
This is just like a piece of candy now. What a wonderful rework, and it's it fun to learn all the time? Great job :)

♥PJ 005

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07/27/07 11:13 PM GMT
Another very cool scene.
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Angelle "To shape the world, you must become part of that world."
07/27/07 11:38 PM GMT
Oh hell yeah!! Breathtaking!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
07/28/07 2:05 PM GMT
Oh man! It's just getting better and better..! Well done.
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07/29/07 10:34 PM GMT
Hi Chris, I have just returned from my mini vacation in the Lakes District and have been looking at your latest photos! and...WOW! breathtakingly beautiful - I put three of them into my favourites - I would not say which I liked better because I think they are all works of art! Night shots are extremely difficult to do well and you have proved by these shots that you are an expert! No advice ...can you give me some? lol! :) I am not commenting on all photos as I have over a 100 pictures in my friends list from this week alone! lol! ...but just wanted to say listen to the comments, even if the scores do not truly reflect how good these pictures are - they should be much higher! Patti
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07/31/07 10:17 PM GMT
I was there in the 70s and don't recall ever seeing it this bright. Very good. Especiallly like the reflections. It's on my desktop/favorites.
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Sorry that I haven't been commenting more. Just got lazy? But I did look at most of them. And again, thanks to all of you for your comments on mine. Steve
08/02/07 9:13 PM GMT
Hi Chris,
I like this picure much more than the one you posted some time ago, where the red cast was a bit overwhelming for me. This one is an excellent night photo. It's very sharp and I like how the yellows and the greens match in a very pleasant colour combination. So yes your trip was worth it and anyway in my opinion Heidelberg is such a beautiful city that a visit is never wasted time.
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08/03/07 2:08 PM GMT
This is much, much better. The difference in quality between the 'before' and 'after' shots is huge. A very pleasing shot indeed.

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08/06/07 2:58 AM GMT
Your night time shots are fabulous. If I wasn't so far behind after vacation I would have left a post on each of them.
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11/09/07 1:04 AM GMT
Absolutely spectacular! It has such a crisp, crackling, electric "feel" to it.
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08/21/08 9:18 PM GMT
This is a beautiful picture.
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09/16/10 2:31 PM GMT
Killer shot. How did I miss this before? Schloss Heidelberg is one of the "burned into my mind" spots, something about it just cranks. This beauty is going straight on my DT, great to have till I can get back to Germany myself.
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