Frosty morning  

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Uploaded: 09/20/14 8:38 AM GMT
Frosty morning
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This shot was taken early yesterday morning,Hope you all enjoy thanks for your nice comment Gigi.


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09/20/14 8:40 AM GMT
This image is welcoming us all to the colder season. Nice capture with good depth Gigi.
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09/20/14 8:41 AM GMT
Frost already...Winter approaches...R.
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09/20/14 9:27 AM GMT
Good capture, but I'm glad were are not that cold here yet.
=^..^=tigs ♦
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/20/14 10:27 AM GMT
I guess this is a portent of things to come. We don't get frost here until November...nice one.
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09/20/14 10:44 AM GMT
I'm going to the beach today because it will be hot here.
Think you'll envy me Gisele, or not, because you had the opportunity now to capture a very fine image!

Regards, Cornelius.
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09/20/14 4:30 PM GMT
I see that the frost is already on it's way - we've already had scattered frost in the outlying Chicago area about 10 days ago which was very early - this is an excellent shot Gigi with nice light to highlight the frost.
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09/20/14 4:54 PM GMT
It will not belong before it is in the UK then and nice sharp focus in this photo and the detail in the frost and leafs is spot on Gigi.
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09/20/14 7:16 PM GMT
It's to early for that kind of stuff, but you have a really nice shot here. You can keep it up your way though.
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09/20/14 11:31 PM GMT
No frost yet here in Ohio...and I hope it waits awhile to show up! Beautiful shot, Gigi.
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09/21/14 3:05 PM GMT
A sign of things to come for sure, great photo, Thanks.
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I didn't quit, I surrendered
09/30/14 4:40 PM GMT
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