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Uploaded: 10/08/14 8:43 AM GMT
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This shot was taken last week in ST-Basile New-Brunswick hope you enjoy ,Thanks for your comments Gigi.


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10/08/14 9:50 AM GMT
Love not only the 'golden' leaves, but the textures in your composition as well Gisele.
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10/08/14 10:10 AM GMT
Very beautiful golden leaves Gigi. Well composed shot.
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10/08/14 12:05 AM GMT
This is very pretty. I love the color and the textures and the composition is wonderful.
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10/08/14 12:57 AM GMT
A beautiful Fall shot, Gigi. Love the colors.
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10/08/14 1:56 PM GMT
Nice one Gigi.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/08/14 3:33 PM GMT
Nice capture of color and texture, Gigi. That middle trunk has been enjoyed by the woodpeckers.
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10/08/14 3:42 PM GMT
This is very artistic in the composition with stunning textures and lovely colours especially the golden leafs and all the different brown tones too.
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10/08/14 4:35 PM GMT
Great color and great texture, Thanks.
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10/08/14 7:27 PM GMT
Very nice shot with hardwoods and firs showing the fall colors and the deep greens Gigi.
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10/09/14 12:14 AM GMT
Good color and texture in this piece.
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10/11/14 11:16 PM GMT
Excellent capture with such texture and detail. Looks like the woodpeckers really have had their go at that tree trunk
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10/19/14 10:56 PM GMT
Has much personality, this tree. Very well done!
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