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Uploaded: 04/13/15 10:04 AM GMT
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This shot was taken last year hope you enjoy thanks for your comments Gigi.


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04/13/15 10:09 AM GMT
You captured her in a very nice natural setting, Gigi.
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04/13/15 11:51 AM GMT
I like how the other one is peeking around her. Nicely done Gigi.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
04/13/15 2:01 PM GMT
A good clear shot of the deer - good work Gigi.
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04/13/15 2:26 PM GMT
Another beauty, Gigi. You do so well capturing the deer.
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04/13/15 2:58 PM GMT
Good timing with the other one looking over the shoulder, I like the look the big one is giving you
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04/13/15 3:21 PM GMT
Clear shot of the deer staring at you Gigi. Good one!
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04/13/15 3:23 PM GMT
Wonderful deer shot again Gisele. Perfectly done!
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04/13/15 4:35 PM GMT
Lovely setting and shot,'re so good at these.
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04/13/15 5:43 PM GMT
I just love how the ears are pricked up and you captured this fellow very nicely love the colours and the ferns at the front of the deed and the detail is superb along with the compstion too.I espcially like how you captured the light in the eyes and on the nose and I see it as a friend at the back as well.
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04/13/15 5:46 PM GMT
Great shot! Crisp and nice, I like it!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
04/14/15 12:48 AM GMT
Beautiful color to the whole scene.
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04/14/15 2:41 AM GMT
A nice capture of the deer, Gigi. Nice composition and colours in the photo.
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04/14/15 6:02 PM GMT
Another fine Deer photo Gigi and again you have been clearly observed, what's your secret?
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