Stuck in the mud  

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Uploaded: 05/20/15 9:02 AM GMT
Stuck in the mud
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This shot was taken a few days ago in ST-Basile N.B This guy got stuck in the mud pretty bad thanks for your comments Gigi.


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05/20/15 9:29 AM GMT
That's life, lol. Gisele, I really hope that it wasn't Don's pick-up truck.
Good capture and seen very well!
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05/20/15 10:27 AM GMT
I wonder where he wanted to go. 4-wheel drive works...sometimes. Good one, Gigi.
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05/20/15 10:31 AM GMT
Like Doug I also wonder where he wanted to get ... :)
Neat catch, Gigi.
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05/20/15 5:53 PM GMT
I feel sorry for that guy. I don't think that Dakota Sport has four wheel drive...but in this case it wasn't going to help anyways. Nice shot, though.
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05/20/15 5:59 PM GMT
Oh my he must have not been thinking too clearly to take that on.
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05/20/15 5:59 PM GMT
Where's a redneck when you need one? Most are very good at getting you out of situations such as this.
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05/20/15 6:16 PM GMT
He should have seen the soft mud! Funny shot Gigi.
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05/20/15 6:40 PM GMT
Laugh out load if he was going fishing it a bad day for him as he will have to fish is car out first lol.Great looking shot and you captured this scene perfectly with pretty good compstion and perfect focus Gigi.I also like the reflections of the trees in the puddle too.Was he fly tipping there is a lot of wood dumped to one side lol.
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05/20/15 7:24 PM GMT
Oops. I feel sorry for this truck owner Gigi - it is going to be difficult to get this one out of there. A tow truck driver will probably refuse to drive in there and I would not blame him.
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05/20/15 10:35 PM GMT
OOPS, wonder how he got out - great shot
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06/03/15 2:29 AM GMT
So was he helping to clean up the dump site or was he dropping off more material? A nice capture of this hopeless situation, Gigi.
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