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Uploaded: 10/28/15 9:11 AM GMT
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This shot was taken a few weeks ago hope you enjoy thanks for your comments Gigi.


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10/28/15 9:29 AM GMT
Seems to be a solid state one with all kinds of comfort, Gisele.
Very nice one again!
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10/28/15 12:02 AM GMT
When can I move in? That's just my style! Great looking shot, Gigi.
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10/28/15 12:50 AM GMT
Nicely done Gigi. I really like the barrel and the placement of the fencing.
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10/28/15 1:52 PM GMT
Great colors and subject, Gigi. I like the sky in this shot.
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10/28/15 5:57 PM GMT
A nice looking cabin with all comforts. Good capture Gigi.
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10/28/15 6:57 PM GMT
Love the angle you took this photo from and superb detail and colours as well.Love the brick look to the cabin too.
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10/28/15 9:01 PM GMT
Gigi, excellent photograph of this quaint cabin.
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10/28/15 11:49 PM GMT
I like how well focused the picture is and composition of the story line. That rain barrel needs to be up-righted ;)
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10/29/15 8:24 AM GMT
A cute little cabin and in view full I can see that the one window has been replaced not top long ago.
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10/30/15 4:08 PM GMT
It looks like a real fancy hunting shack. Most of the ones I've been in barely had an outhouse let along much else.
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11/11/15 2:57 AM GMT
Good clarity and focus in the photo and a nice capture of the old cabin, Gigi. I haven't seen shingles like those in ages. Vary the size of the cloning brush so you don't end up with mis-matched lines as you have in the image.
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