Old camp  

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Uploaded: 11/28/15 9:57 AM GMT
Old camp
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This shot was taken a few months ago hope you enjoy thanks for your comments Gigi.


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11/28/15 10:28 AM GMT
It is interesting to see the construction of this building. Good find and capture Gigi.
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11/28/15 10:36 AM GMT
A two-story 'house' (lol), in a wonderful environment Gisele.
Good one again!
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11/28/15 12:04 AM GMT
Keen for old structures, Gigi. Nice one here.
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11/28/15 12:16 AM GMT
This sure was a great find, well done Gigi.
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11/29/15 1:28 AM GMT
Neat, they have a cabin with a view. Great shot.
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11/29/15 4:26 PM GMT
Gotta love old cabins!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/29/15 8:22 PM GMT
Your compstion in this photo with the tree at the front is outstanding and I like the textures and design of this building .Plus nice sharp detail and perfect light and shade too.
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12/01/15 12:52 AM GMT
That looks like a really cool cottage/camp as the Canadians say including me, lol Bet it's really in great shape inside also
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12/02/15 2:37 AM GMT
Cool looking old building, Gigi. Excellent shot.
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12/02/15 4:04 PM GMT
We called the old hunting camp up north "The rat shack" and there were very few luxury's, an old cot, outhouse and that was it. I will try and include today.
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