Mr. Tough guy  

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Uploaded: 01/27/24 11:57 PM GMT
Mr. Tough guy
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Last April, I stepped outside my back patio and found this guy resting nearby. I was going to try to get him back in the water so someone didn't call and have him killed, but when I got a few feet of him, I realised he was not the one and gave me a look of BACK OFF! Which I did. We have had several alligators sleep near our patio, and if you DO NOT feed them and respect their space they will ignore you. I say I would rather live amongst these beasts than mountain lions, grizzles, etc


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01/28/24 12:01 AM GMT
I forgot how to use Caedes and didn't use the Hires photo, sorry.
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01/28/24 12:16 AM GMT
Alex, what a scary thing find on or near your patio. I guess I would have to have my PF Flyers on so that I could run faster and jump higher if he gave chase to me.
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01/28/24 9:18 AM GMT
What a 'handsome' critter, Alex. (😁)
If had had such a critter near my patio, I had been paralyzed and be frightened to death.
The largest 'wild' critter living in my garden is a hedgehog, but it knows me meanwhile very well , probably because it's offered a daily portion fresh milk from me.
I don't know whether this gator would appreciate such a 'gesture'.
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01/28/24 5:26 PM GMT
I certainly wouldn't be happy seeing that creature just laying around in my yard. Bet I wouldn't go out at night!!! Your photo is good though.
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01/29/24 5:47 AM GMT
The title says it all, very appropriate. Your narrative is well said and surely gives one an appreciation of intense moments. Timing of photo is excellent.
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